Frequently Asked Questions

Lösante Hastanesi - Ankara
Şişli Memorial Hastanesi - İstanbul

When I decide to have surgery for your discomfort and this decision is accepted by you, we will choose a hospital together.Then, my patient consultant friend first makes your surgery appointment, then contacts the patient admission department of the relevant hospital to perform your pre-operative examinations.Your preoperative examinations are performed and the physician who will give your anesthesia sees the results and approves them for surgery.Many patients in good general condition are often hospitalized on the morning of surgery and the operation process begins.

Our privately insured patients, who are affiliated to all insurance companies, are charged at the prices of the Turkish Medical Association ACCEPTED BY THEIR OWN INSURANCE.In other words; The treatments of our patients who have private insurance are carried out within their own insurance limits.We have agreements with the following 2 institutions over the terms of the institution.