Fully Closed (Full Endoscopic) Lumbar Hernia Surgery

Fully Closed (Full Endoscopic) Lumbar Hernia Surgery


In this article I would like to tell you about a topic that is very confused in brain surgery.The surgical method used for years in the treatment of lumbar hernia is microdiscectomy.Microdiscectomy surgery is the form of the method called open surgery under the microscope.It is made through an incision of 3-3.5 cm. In order to reach the herniated disc during surgery, muscle tissue must be stripped and a small bone tissue must also be removed in the back of the spine.

In the last 10 years, endoscopic methods have become very up-to-date in medicine and have gained an important place in brain surgery.Full endoscopic lumbar hernia surgery is performed by entering the lumbar region from the back, back-side or side.Surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. In all types of endoscopic procedures, a skin incision much smaller than an open or microdiscectomy is used.

The skin incision used in fully closed lumbar hernia surgery is 0.6 cm (6 millimeters).Muscle tissue does not need to be stripped and bone tissue removed.This is the most important reason why the patient's postoperative period is very comfortable.For these reasons, fully closed lumbar hernia surgery is a surgery with EXTREMELY HIGH PATIENT COMFORT.

In fully closed lumbar hernia surgery, daily hospitalization is performed for our patients, patients walk 2 hours after the operation and are discharged 6 hours later.Early mobilization allows the patient to spend the day more comfortably and to make the toilet requirement unaided.

We recommend our patients a moderate rest period of 3 days at home after surgery.In this process, our patients can meet all their personal needs themselves.We allow office workers to return to work after 4 days and those who work hard work after 4 weeks.

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