You as Anesthesiologist and Patient, We as Surgeon

You as Anesthesiologist and Patient, We as Surgeon

It is one of the most demanding branches of surgical science.In addition to long years of specialization, it has been the years to be able to safely perform surgery and gain experience.In this long journey, our anesthesiologist friends with whom we have traveled at every stage in the operating room.What allows us to perform surgery, is things going well or is there a problem, even when we see eye to eye in this process; our greatest support that we understand in a snap.

As a patient, before entrusting yourself to us, your protector who investigates the existence of all kinds of health problems and provides treatment with the relevant department when necessary.

For this reason, pay close attention to the anesthesia department evaluation before surgery.Tell your anesthesiologist all your health problems (previous surgery, angio-stent history, hypertension, diabetes, asthma history, medications you use (especially the group of drugs called blood thinners), allergy history, etc.) in ALL DETAILS.

Our work with anesthesiologists does not end when the surgery ends, they are also with us in postoperative pain management and intensive care problems of the patient.

A successful surgical process is only possible if the surgical and anesthesia team believe in each other as a team.

Always stay healthy.

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