Antioxidant Nutrition and the Brain

Antioxidant Nutrition and the Brain


How much we hear these two words: Antioxidant nutrition

Yes, we know, in a balanced diet, antioxidants taken with diet are very important.But what is it is antioxidants and antioxidants in the diet. Antioxidants are substances that fight harmful components to our body called free radicals and reduce or remove their harmful effects.Oxygen is an indispensable molecule for our tissues, but as a result of some reactions, reactive oxygen molecules and substances called free radicals are formed.These play an important role in the process called 'oxidative stress', which is harmful to the cell.This negative process continues until it is terminated by antioxidants.However, if antioxidant support is not sufficient, direct or indirect death of the cell can be seen.In this case, the antioxidant content of the nutrients taken from the outside with nutrition also becomes very important.In order to ensure healthy brain functions; it is necessary to do healthy nutrition and physical activity regularly.

Stay Healthy.

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